Chill, Gambino’s Album Isn’t That Bad

Awaken My Love! The third studio album by Childish Gambino was released earlier this month, after receiving major creditability for his successful FX series Atlanta; Gambino disappointed his fans with this "mess".  While this album strays away from the music that’s established in his discography, I think this album is fresh.  While people on twitter want to complain about Gambino’s sound I think they should be grateful he’s even still giving music a thought. He’s become very successful with his TV series and his role in the Star Wars movies.

Awaken My Love! Is a wave of funky fresh vibes. Although compared to his previous works like Because of The Internet and STN MTN/Kauai EP Gambino has always hinted towards changing up his sound and trying to make classical R&B/ Soul music. The record is filled with Gambino changing his pitch to fit his new aesthetic. Songs like “Boogieman” resurrect an almost forgotten vintage sound. This album draws creative inspiration from James Brown and can be compared to the sound of a modern day funk artist Anderson Paak. “Redbone”, “Terrified”, and “Baby Boy” are easily the best songs on this record and the ones that standout to me the most. While “California” is one the worst songs Gambino has ever made and I don’t understand why it made the album, that song should’ve been replaced with another hidden gem that’s locked up in his arsenal.

With the height of Donald Glover’s success I think this album was pretty decent. I enjoy when he goes the alternative route of singing and using his talent to produce R&B music rather than mediocre rap. I didn’t even think he was going to make a rap album anyway. From his recent appearances and works he’s been hinting about leaving rap behind anyway. Last year he covered Tamia’s R&B  “So Into You” on an Australian radio station and then before that he made bubbly R&B tracks on his Kauai EP. So I don’t understand where the hate is coming from towards this album and why fans are disappointed that’s its not a rap album, when it was made pretty clear Gambino wants to dabble in a different genre of music.