Are Concerts Worth The Money?

There is no question that experiencing an artist live is better than listening to it through your headphones. But sometimes people prefer the studio CDQ (CD Quality) version of songs better.

I understand that some people don’t go to concerts. Concerts have become super expensive in order to get a good seat, and if you live far from a city its pretty hard to get to the venue. But everyone should at least try a concert once. Some people are afraid to leave their comfort zone but that shouldn’t limit a person’s option to experience music.

I personally prefer live performances better. I love seeing my favorite artists go on stage and perform with their all. When you see the passion of certain artists perform on stage its incredible, sometimes I get stuck in a state of awe. Some artists view what their doing as their full time job and their not wrong, you get the best results when you put 100% into your job, and that’s why I pay to see artists live. I also feel like I am supporting their art in someway when I purchase their album or support them at a concert. 

But there are some artists that take their fans for granted. I get upset when people decide to pay $500-$3,000 for a VIP package and the artist does not recognize or acknowledge the fans. I understand that the artist is exhausted after performing on stage for an hour or more, but when it is time to do your job as a public figure there is a time and place for everything. When you do not acknowledge your fans or thank them for supporting you and getting you the place that you are, your fans will stop supporting you. Fans can tell if the artist is being genuine or not as well. I feel like there are artists who hate their fans and that is understandable. I would be frustrated to if I was an adult and my target audience was a bunch of middle school aged kids. That is frustrating especially since you want to be treated as an adult and be taken seriously within in the music industry; but there is still no reason to disrespect your fans, whether you like them or not.

When it comes to live performances I do my research because I refuse to pay to watch somebody allow the back track play and jump around on stage hyping the crowd (no shade). There are artists who do not perform live anymore, they just a hire a DJ and sing/rap along to whatever verse they want. Some people just let the crowd sing the entire time; I am not paying to see the crowd perform. To me that is not worth my time or money, because if you aren’t going to perform then why would I pay just to see you on stage? It makes no sense to me. But sometimes if you just want to go just get a little turnt and sing along to the backtrack go ahead, do you boo boo, but you will not catch me there.