ANTI is finally here. 

After being mistakenly leaked on Tidal, teased by singles that didn’t even make the album, and taken on a journey through some random Samsung maze, it’s finally here. Rihanna gave away about 1 million free copies of ANTI to her fans. The promo code provided a zip file and 60 days free of Tidal. I jumped on that quickly and now I have been streaming ANTI since its release. I listen to it on the train, the bus, and walking. I can’t stop listening to this masterpiece. Every song brings its own unique taste, none of the songs on the album sound remotely similar, but yet they all have a similar style to them. This album reveals a more vulnerable Rih. It sounds like she’s over making pop songs and just says, “fuck a title” and releases music she wants and she enjoys.

She gave the impression that sales are meaningless; I mean she gave the album away for free. But her fans disagree. Most of them thought that ANTI would sell millions within its first week. How can a free album sell millions in one week? It was certified platinum by the RIAA because Samsung purchased a million copies to give away to fans, but billboard will not count those sales. I think the whole release and promotion of this album was sloppy. From it being leaked and the album being hyped for more than a year, it had such an anticlimactic release. I wish my sis Rihanna just did a surprise release. I would’ve bought it in an instant like I did with the BEYONCÉ album and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Even though her release was sloppy I think ANTI IS Rihanna’s best album. It dethroned my previous favorite which was Talk That Talk. This album might not have the commercial appeal just like her previous projects and that’s okay. That’s what makes this album so unique and different. ANTi is raw; each song tells a story and a story that everyone can relate to. Whether its listening to James Joint and imagining getting high with your significant other and making love to them while high or just wanting to bump to Work (feat. Drake) and dance your feelings away. ANTI manages to bring different genres of music together and mesh them together in a way that will please the listener but also help Rihanna to break from the mold of being a “singles artist”.

Stream ANTI here on Tidal or buy her album on iTunes. Also leave a comment as to which is your favorite song on ANTI, or if you thought this album was worth the hype or any good in the first place.    


My Favorite Songs From ANTI:

1. Same Ol' Mistakes

2. Kiss It Better

3. James Joint

4. Work

5. Yeah I Said It