Me, Myself, and I

Damn. Alone? The concept that people are so afraid to understand. Being alone doesn’t translate into lonely. Alone time is NEEDED whether you want to admit or not. 

Why are you afraid to be alone? Is it because you’ll be judged and out casted as a loner? Well most people don’t give a fuck.  You shouldn’t allow the judgment of others to control your desires.  I always feel like people forget that going out alone is an option. You shouldn’t feel the need to sit in your house because the people you want to be with are busy. Find comfort and entertainment within yourself. Don’t limit yourself for others.

Catching up with old friends & acquaintances and reflecting on my past semester, most people are surprised that I do and plan to do stuff alone. Why is being alone so taboo? Multiple people were VERY surprised that I just got up and left my previous university and went to a new one mid-semester. As if it was brave to do it myself. Here’s a fact about me, I refuse to live my life around another person. I’m supposed to limit myself because someone can’t join me? NOT HAPPENING BOO.  If you want to do something just do it. Going to places alone has it perks. 

I know it’s hard to be independent and alone, but it doesn’t hurt to TRY