9 Queer Artists To Look Out For in 2019


Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama released her debut “mini” album, RINA, in 2017 and has taken the pop industry by storm ever since. In 2018, she produced her jaw-dropping singles, “Cherry”, “Valentine (What’s it Gonna Be)” and “Flicker.” It’s nearly impossible to listen to Sawayama’s music without moving your hips along to the infectious synth-pop beats and sensational lyrics. Pop fans all over are waiting with bated breath to see what’s next for her ever-growing discography.

Where to start: “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome”, “Cherry”, “Take Me As I Am”


Shea Diamond

There isn’t a single artist in the music industry right now with a voice like Shea Diamond. Her vocals are dripping with soul and intensity to the point where every line leaves your heart heavy and your mouth agape. Songs like “I Am Her” and “American Pie” have so much weight and passion to them that it’s nearly impossible to listen without giving the music your full attention. Last year saw the release of Diamond’s EP, Seen It All, and we can only hope there’s more to come for 2019


King princess

Mikaela Straus, aka King Princess, released her smash hit EP Make the Bed this past year and received an enormous amount of support that any other 19 year old musician might only dream of. Behind her breath-taking vocals you’ll hear unique guitar riffs and beats that will make you want to cry and dance all at the same time. She started off 2019 strong with a new sweet and single that features the one and only Fiona Apple. We don’t know what we’ll be getting from her next, but we can rest assured knowing it will be down right stunning

Where to start: “Pussy is God”, “Upper West Side”, “1950”.


girl in red

Listening to girl in red feels like floating on the softest cloud in the prettiest evening sky. Marie Ulven’s soothing voice lovingly caresses your ears, singing “they’re so pretty it hurts / I’m not talking ‘bout boys, I’m talking ‘bout girls,” in her single “girls.” Even at only 19, Ulven is solidifying her place in bedroom pop with her EP chapter 1. She’s already released a new single called “watch you sleep.” and we’re hoping there’s much more to come from her in 2019.

Where to start: “i wanna be your girlfriend”, “summer depression”, “girls”


snail mail

Lindsey Jordan’s raspy, ethereal vocals combined with memorable riffs and heart pounding drums, you’ll feel like the main character of touching coming of age film right before the climax. Snail Mail made their debut in the indie rock world in 2016 but 2018 was the year they started demanding everyone’s attention with the release of their full length album Lush. Lush landed itself on countless “Top Albums of the Year” lists from publications like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Stereogum, NME and many, many more, so it’s no question that they’ll be one to watch for this year.

Where to start: “Pristine”, “Heat Wave”, “Thinning”


left at london

Yes, that is the girl from the “Ha ha, I do that” vine. Outside of her famous six second clips and contributions to Super Deluxe, Nat Puff, AKA Left At London produces gorgeous music that will knock you to the ground with its emotional weight. You’ll feel shivers down your spine when she belts “And I, I don't want to kiss you/I don't even want to be friends/I just want to be told when it ends” in “Waiting on a Ghost,” off her latest EP, Transgender Street Legend, Vol. 1. We don’t know exactly what’s up next for Left at London, but she’s assured us that big things are coming for this year.

Where to start: “I Don’t Trust U Anymore”, “Waiting on a Ghost”, “Revolution Lover”


bronze avery

Bronze Avery’s bewitching voice and standout beats come together to make some extraordinary pop music. He took 80’s pop covers to a whole other level with his own take on the internet phenomenon “Never Gonna Give You Up” from former heartthrob Rick Astley. He doesn’t have any full length records out at the moment, but we’re more than eager to see what he works on next.

Where to start: “Want 2”, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, “Pressure”


Michael Blume

If you’re looking for slow, dreamy beats with deep, profound vocals, Michael Blume’s passionate R&B tracks are a perfect fit. Every song is unique and exceptional, with beautifully touching lyrics to match. Blume released his fantastic debut album cynicism and sincerity in 2018 and we’re excited to see what he’s going to bring to the table this year.

Where to start: “Colors”, “Lifting You”, “I Got You”


Ah Mer Ah Su

Every time you put on a Ah-Mer-Ah-Su song, you’re greeted with a sweet, welcoming voice and original rhythms and beats. Listening to “Meg Ryan”and “Klonopin” off her EP Rebecca will pull you into a trance with their drop dead gorgeous harmonies. Her 2018 album STAR detailed some of her personal issues and growth, with every lyric on every track bringing you to your knees with a sudden wave of emotion. We can only hope Ah-Mer-Ah-Su is working on new music for 2019, but for now, we’ll just keep “Heartbreaker” on repeat.

Where to start: “Meg Ryan”, “Klonopin”, “Perfect”