REVIEW: Jade Bird (Self-Titled)

Written By: Emily Brosier

Jade Bird’s newest self-entitled album is a raspy love mix that lingers with Alanis Morrisette rage and bits of Phoebe Bridgers heartache. Released in April of this year, Jade Bird is an album of personal reflection built with upbeat, raw, and moving vocals.

The opening track “Ruins,” reflects on the singer’s romantic relationship and the feeling of not knowing if the turbulence of love is worth losing track of who she is. Lyrics like “Cause one minute I love you/ And the next it's all in ruins/ A minute thinkin' of you/ And the next it's all in ruins” battle with self-doubt and rickety love. This is a recurring lyrical element in Jade Bird, with tracks like “Lottery,” “Side Effects,” and “My Motto” using similar themes to portray Bird’s intense struggle with both loving herself while loving another. 


In an interview with Frankie Magazine, Bird touched on what songwriting means to her. “It means that I can get out what’s in my head, consciously or subconsciously. It’s a vice, a therapy and a conversation most of the time between me, the audience or listener. Songwriting allows you to realise you aren’t entirely by yourself in how you feel.” 

The painting of Bird’s heartbreak is a universal and therapeutic collection. “Does Anybody Know,” searches for answers, while “Uh Huh” is an answer to the call. The overall balance of the album is pulling tracks of romantic trauma and tracks of cure. 

With this album being so heavily weighed with romantic turmoil, the upbeat and folk-pop vibes bring forward a vibrantly uplifting project, perfect for jamming out with friends or for recovering from the sting of a recent (or not so recent) breakup. 

Rating: 8.5/10