Marina (formerly - and the Diamonds) dropped her latest radiant single and music video for her from her upcoming album, Love + Fear.

“Orange Trees” is more underwhelming compared to her past videos, but it’s still beautiful overall. There isn’t much of a story, there’s no acting or theatrics. Just Marina and her surroundings (and two backup dancers).

Marina has always set herself apart from other pop stars with her jaw dropping vocals and they continue to be phenomenal on “Orange Trees.” The song itself sounds very buoyant and vivacious. “Orange Trees” is definitely a track that fans will be blasting over their car speakers all summer long. The post chorus of Marina’s autotuned voice singing “Oh-oh-oh-orange” does get repetitive and a little annoying after a while but it doesn’t take away from the song’s vibrancy.

The video shows Marina singing in a luxurious pool, carelessly dancing on the beach and peering over the glistening sea. There’s a theme of brilliant tropical colors everywhere she goes, whether it’s her clothes, her subtle makeup or just the natural setting. She’s smiling, dancing and looks like she couldn’t be happier, which is a sharp contrast to her older music videos, including her most recent one, “Handmade Heaven,” which featured her in a snowy forest, looking serious and pensive.

Even though the video was shot in Mexico, Marina sings about Lefkada, an island in Greece where her family lived,“So far away, from neon lights and city streets/This is where I used to dream.”

We most likely won’t be getting the dramatic videos with intense storylines and intricate sets we saw during her Electra Heart era. With “Orange Trees” and “Handmade Heaven,” her music videos for this time around are going to be centered around her and natural scenery. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems like Marina will be focusing on herself and her feelings for her latest album.

Love + Fear is Marina’s fourth studio album that features two 8-track collections that come together to form a set and will be released April 26th.

- Bridget McGuigan