its me again. its been a while but the end of the year is the most interesting/revealing time ever. people around you are desperately depending on the new year to follow through with some changesin their lives. everybody got their resolutions list ready & set. funny how only by the end of the year do they realize that they need changetalk about a spiritual awakening. yall must have been on snooze mode all those other times. anyway, resolutions arent really my thing because every year im like i wont curse anymorebut some people love to test the watersand im wavy as fuck.

so in 2016, i did something different (see: change). at the end of each month, i wrote a sentence or two expressing how i felt about it. this was supposed to be for my eyes only (like most of the things i write), but i thought id share. plus, @chrixtophwalsh keeps shading me for a lack of contributionso this one is for you and me.


january: 20 years, still young and choosy.

february: love can be lost, but love can always be found (within).

march: liars exist, learn to co-exist.

april: fooled youand mebut you especially.

may: we ignore the ones that adore us and adore the ones that ignore us.

june: please, define that shit before you claim to be it.

july: who else is schoolin in the summer?

august: the moment you finally realize is a moment too late for the one who always knew.

september: men lie, women lie, real people dont need to.

november: all that attention youve been searching forgive it to yourself, girl.

december: cant tell me shit about my lane. i paved it.

heres a parting (2016) and welcoming (2017) message from me to you: nobody can remove you from situations that arent meant for you, except for you. be careful with you. know you. love you.


- Simran