My Favorite Artist of December 2015

dvsn has been on repeat everyday throughout the month of December. My good friend @xosimmy introduced me to this group because she knows my obsession of R&B music more than anyone. 

dvsn is an R&B group from Toronto. This group is very mysterious, there is no factual information on how they came about but they are making a name for themselves without much promotion or advertising. Their songs became known after being featured on OVO Sound radio in November. After that their soundcloud has gained over 100,000+ listens on each song. Their songs have been streamed with similar numbers on Spotify and other services since then.

Their songs have a nostalgic 90s R&B feel to it and production makes me addicted and wanting more. The lead vocalist has a beautiful range which makes every track a privilege to listen too. On the song “The Line” the background vocals are sung by a choir which accompany’s the lead vocalist in creating an alluring ballad of vocals.

Even though the mysterious dvsn has only four songs, I love them all. I wish they would drop a hint if there will be an upcoming mixtape or debut album in 2016 but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.