Revealing My Techniques To Free Concerts ;)

This is my second year living in New York City and since being here I have attended about ten or more concerts and all of them were FREE. I’ve seen Kanye West, Beyoncé, Drake, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, and most of them front row and FREE. 

NYC is loaded with free concerts if you know the right people ;)). But seriously, if you are an active social media mongrel you will be able to find a free concert easily. You can even find a meet & greet or even get invited to a listening party if you’re lucky! 


To find a free event you MUST research. Simply googling “free concerts in NYC” will give you websites that are geared to help people find free things to do in New York. Also if you follow big companies on Twitter they usually hold meet and greets and host free concerts. For example Puma threw a large fashion week concert/party in Lower Manhattan to promote Rihanna’s new collection from Puma. Also the Beats Store in SoHo usually has meet and greets with artists that are releasing their debut albums. 

Good Morning America and The Today Show are known for having free concerts EARLY in the morning. Those you have to be a dedicated fan to attend. Those are usually fun and start off with fun energy! If you want front row to those events most fans camp out the night before (something I would not recommend in the winter). The artists that perform here are the ones that are usually charting the Billboard Top 200. Also if you are one of the first people in line The Today Show & GMA usually give those fans VIP passes. 

Nonprofit organizations like Global Citizen holds a yearly festival in Central Park. The line up is always worth the wait and its always fun to go and hangout. I hangout in Central Park anyway so spending the day in Central Park while watching Alicia Keys perform for free is pretty cool. The headliners are usually well known in their genre. This year the headliners were Coldplay, Ed Sheeren, Beyoncé, and Pearl Jam. In between those performances there are celebrities giving speeches about crucial world issues, world leaders come and speak, and other artists surprising the audience and performing one or two songs. The Global Citizen has become a yearly thing for me ever since the first one and I recommend everyone going for supporting the cause and to have fun also.

But sometimes you’re favorite artist will just tweet their location with a pop-up meet & greet or concert. Most of the time those are great when you have nothing to do so you can just go, but sometimes those events are held during work hours or during class. Sometimes I was blessed with he opportunity to enjoy those events when my schedule was free, but other times i had to either pick between class or the event.

Regardless of what time of the year it is you will always be able to find a free concert. Below I linked the sites that I check daily for free tickets and events. Make sure to follow their twitter accounts to participate in VIP Giveaways, concert tickets, and meet and greets!